Who are we? & How to book us? See below...

Not Your Average Joe Bowman

Founder of LoL Entertainment
Musical Comedian

Former professional boxer turned Musical Comedian. Joe is a Triple Threat when it comes to Musical Comedy. He is an amazing guitarist, an even better singer and is just funny as hell! His charismatic energy will definitely have you singing along! Behind the scenes, Joe takes care of most of the bookings and also helps promote all of our upcoming events.

Steve McDonald

Co-Founder of LoL Entertainment

While you may catch Steve hosting a gig or two, his main specialties come from the incredible work that he does on the back end of the business! If it’s got to do with the business, Steve is your go to guy! But don’t get us wrong, he is one funny fella who will eventually break into more stage time.

Patt Cardinal

Co-Founder of LoL Entertainment
Stand Up Comedian

Still a newcomer to the comedy scene, but has taken the stage by storm. Within his first year, he’s performed almost 30 shows including Absolute Comedy's Open Mic as well as multiple spots at the Yuk Yuks New Talent Showcase and their Mike McDonald Summer Competition, and the list is just continuing to grow. Behind the scenes, Patt is our go to guy for marketing & creating posters for all the events we do!

Matt Johnson

Stand Up Comedian

Introducing Matt Johnson, a rising comedic hailing from Cornwall as well. In his debut year on the stand-up scene, Matt has already left audiences in stitches with his sharp wit and infectious humor. You might of seen him at Yuk Yuks, where he's taken the stage multiple times, showcasing his comedic prowess and leaving a lasting impression. As a newcomer, Matt Johnson is making waves in the world of laughter, promising a bright future filled with more jokes, laughs, and perhaps a few surprises up his sleeve along with that signature POWER STANCE!!! 

Steve Dickardson

Stand Up Comedian

Meet Steve Dickardson, the spirited owner of "Steve's Lawn Mower Repair and Relocation" in Shartbrook, ON. Hailing from the lively trailer park community, Steve is known for his love of good times and a knack for innovation. Not just a mower maestro, he's the mastermind behind the powdered liquor creatine, blending his passion for drinks with a touch of DIY brilliance. When he's not reviving lawnmowers or mixing up inventive concoctions, you'll likely find Steve enjoying a cold one with his neighbors, turning the trailer park into a hub of laughter and camaraderie.